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Noise Singapore x Band of Doodlers

To celebrate Singapore's 52 years of nation-building, Noise Singapore collaborated with Band of Doodlers to feature 52 artworks based on popular and infamous Singapore tales, myths, and idiosyncrasies. The 52 Tales exhibition was featured along Orchard Road in 2017. 

As a local artist from Band of Doodlers, I was given 'The Goddess of the Moon' folktale. Singaporean parents have often told their children: If you point at the moon, your ears will get cut off. This Chinese superstition states that Chang'e, the goddess of the moon gets angry when someone points at her and administers a cut on their ear. 

Using this information, I gave my own spin to the uniquely Singapore tale. I featured a boy hiding on the moon that is embarrassed because he believes that others are mocking him for not having ears. Thus, he takes their ears and wears them, hoping to find the perfect pair that would allow him to fit in with the world. 

The tone of the illustration takes on the perspective of him watching over the world, with a whimsical and dreamy feel.

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