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National Book Council x
Embassy of Japan

My partnership with National Book Council and Embassy of Japan began with the 50th anniversary of Singapore - Japan Diplomatic Relations (SJ50). This was an unprecedented opportunity to develop a children's book, Mei's Yummy Treat, which was exhibited at the Asian Festival of Children's Content 2017. 

I was excited when National Book Council reached out to me to create a children's book that communicates the bond between Singapore and Japan. This led me to reach out to the writer, Jesslyn Lau Jie Lin to collaborate on this book.

Food is a universal language that bonds people together. People from different ethnicities are able to communicate through the enjoyment of having a meal together. Mei's Yummy Treat features food from Singapore and Japan to drive the connection between our cultures. 

Mei's Yummy Treat is about Mei, a curious little girl who ate mochi one day and has been trying to figure out what she ate. She tried many different Singaporean delicacies like Ondeh Ondeh, Muah Chee, and Ang Ku Kueh but it was to no avail. In the end, she invites her Japanese friend over and finds out what the yummy treat is.

The book features expressive, lighthearted, and childlike illustrations for children to appreciate and enjoy. The food illustrations are portrayed in a realistic way to allow readers to place themselves in Mei's shoes. 

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