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Mindfulness is Power

/ 2018 /

This is a simulated advertising campaign for my Final Year Project at Temasek Polytechnic Communication Design.

Mindfulness is Power is an advertising campaign to raise brand awareness for Hush TeaBar, a pop up tea bar that promotes mindfulness as a way of life.​


Despite Hush's social media marketing, many still remain unaware of them. This shows that Hush requires a different approach to raise brand awareness.


Sharing the unique Hush Experience through a pop-up caravan that will go to you – school, workplace and even the quiet areas in Singapore. People will be able to experience mindfulness firsthand and share it through the word of mouth.


Collage illustrations and pastel colours describe the nurturing and collaborative kind of power
Hush TeaBar has.


01 Hush Tea Caravan

A pop-up caravan to introduce the Hush Experience.

02 Bus Stop Posters

Introduce campaign.

03 Website

Online information about campaign, bundled with gif animations.

04 Brochure

Information about campaign, to be
given out at SISTIC counters and
Hush Tea caravan.

05 Youtube Advertisement

Raise awareness among
younger target audience.

06 Tea Packaging

Limited edition tea packaging sold at
Hush Tea caravan.

01 Hush Tea Caravan

02 Bus Stop Posters

03 Website

04 Brochure

05 Youtube Advertisement

06 Tea Packaging

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