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Forus Labs

Forus Labs started as a small passion project in a local coffee shop by three founders who believe in revolutionizing the productivity space. Today, they are loved by millions around the world, with 50,000 active users per month, and an empowering visual and verbal brand identity that I had the privilege to make.

As a fellow believer in productivity, I leaped for joy when the founders reached out to me to craft their brand identity. The brief was to create a compelling purpose for the brand to kickstart its legacy and cut through the noise in the crowded and competitive productivity category.

Working closely with the founders, we established the brand's winning proposition of empowering individuals to unlock their potential through applications with a better user experience. 


Determined to relate to the extraordinarily motivated and driven personalities of the users, we worked together to hone a brand voice that exudes confidence, power, and uplift. This was translated into a visual style that revolves around a 'human empowerment' symbol to reflect their commitment to optimize lives. 

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